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Squatcha Lisa T-shirt by Squatchin' Country

Squatcha Lisa T-shirt by Squatchin' Country

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This unique Bigfoot-themed picture is only available from Squatchin' Country.

Based on the famous picture of Mona Lisa, this is a picture of her cousin, Squatcha Lisa. Mona's uncle hooked up with a Sasquatch and they had a daughter named Squatcha. Squatcha was often jealous of her cousin's inexplicable fame and had an artist do a similar picture of herself. It is unknown if she ever achieved the fame she was looking for, as she was unable to be found for an interview.

Default color is white with grey tie dye. All sizes listed are adult sizes, but let us know if you're looking for something different.

Shirts are durable, heavy cotton made by Gildan. Designs are our own DTF transfers, not currently available anywhere else.

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