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Screamin' Squatch Hot Sauce from Squatchin' Country

Screamin' Squatch Hot Sauce from Squatchin' Country

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Screamin' Squatch hot sauce is available to ship today. Made in the USA from aged red Habanero Peppers, this EXTREME hot sauce offers a super high heat at 120,000 SHU (Scoville heat units)!

The 5-ounce bottle is small enough to make a great gift but large enough to get plenty of use for any hot sauce fanatic. A little bit goes a long way...

Bottle measures 6-3/4" high and 1-3/4" wide.

Bigfoot is tough, but this sauce is even too much for him.

**WARNING*** Not for the weak! This hot sauce has a serious kick and you will feel the burn. It can cause eye-watering and nose running.

This hot sauce is too hot for a regular heat scale of 1-10, it is about a 3 on the extreme heat scale.

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